We work with our client's personal fashion needs, body shape, and individual personality traits to identify what works for them and they're desires. With uplifting energy and positive communication what we end up creating is a dynamic look that is authentic to them that also communicates and resonates with others about who they truly are. 

Every: Our goal is to create looks that perfectly suit your vision of how you want to feel and what message you want to convey to others.  

Detail: As your personal stylist, we support you in bringing out your unwavering confidence most & developing a signature style that fits you.

Matters: It’s all about giving you the ultimate fashion experience and guaranteeing an incredible outcome in your look! 

Meet Our CEO

Nakia Lawrence Chavis is an international personal stylist and fashion expert. Wife to Bob Chavis and mother to Trinity Baskerville. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. With over 12 years experience within the industry and 4 years of styling experience in Europe, Nakia Lawrence offers a unique yet chic and fierce view of the ever-changing world of fashion. Building her brand from scratch, growing as a fashion stylist & a online clothing brand, she has recently been inspired to launch a subscription box line to the NL brand. 

Excited about what the future holds & believing God only has greater in-store. Nakia wants to be an inspiration to upcoming stylist & fashion enthusiast that follow her! Allowing others to Dream. Create. & Inspire!